Planning & scheduling are the key to operational efficiency


EFA software is based on a smart algorithm which improves significantly the production line performance


“Time is money”


With EFA software you can
shorten production time
and significantly increase the
company’s operating profit

Smart algorithm

EFA software is based on a smart algorithm developed by an Industrial Engineer who worked for twenty years as a production manager and production planner. The basic concept of EFA is close to JIT. Its additional advantage is its ability to give optimal solutions when JIT is not applicable. Lessons from using other software packages are implemented in our software.


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Simple integration

EFA software integration is fast and easy. Throughout all stages of integration and all the way to the operating phase, the shop floor is working regularly, without any changes to the existing production plans. Integration in this manner ensures certainty and “smooth” transition amid the existing production plan to the production plan using EFA software.


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Operational profit

Shortening lead time decreases manufacturing and WIP expenses hence enables the planner to accept and produce more customer orders in a given period. The extra throughput, with almost no additional cost, except for raw materials, will considerably affect the plant’s profit.


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Scheduling challenge

Production managers in factories deal on one hand with their obligation to meet delivery dates and on the other hand with the will to accept more customer orders in order to increase the profit. The best way to tackle these challenges is by efficient planning and scheduling.


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