EFA software

EFA software is APS software offering tools and solutions for planning and scheduling of production. The significant advantage of the software is the unique algorithm. EFAEvenly Feeding Algorithm produces an effective production plan which reduces the Total Lead Time, while taking into consideration the factory’s constraints. Shorten the production time influence profit, as allows for more orders to be received at a given time, with no additional cost, except for raw materials. For an explanation of the algorithm as comparing with other approaches see Unique algorithm

Software functions:

  • Production schedule using EFA algorithm.
  • Production scheduling in ” EDD-Earliest Due Date” approach  – This function is built to allow testing and comparing EDD performance against the EFA.
  • Schedule events by the user in “What If” approach. This function is primarily intended for Fine Tuning into one of the results obtained in two previous runs or by previously schedule done by the user.
  • Support working  with subcontractors.
  • Producing detailed production plans and reports for production and management personnel.

The software activation does not require any special arrangements or changes to the shop floor. It is fairly simple to operate,  particularly the EFA or EDD  (run automatically). In addition, the system allows the planner to intervene in almost every stage of the planning process.  It is recommended to operate the EFA together with a system you may have such as ERP, MRP, MES etc.. The software will receive from the system the relevant INPUT data and act as a planning brain. If you don’t have such a system, you can generate the relevant data manually using EXCEL spreadsheet or Text Editor.

EFA software running on a PC computer under any version of Windows